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15 April 2019, 09:01. Everest, all programs »

Alexander Abramov, head of the Everest expedition:

 Members and guides of the 7 Summits Club  Everest expedition visited the city of Chengdu, looked at the pandas, tried Chinese cuisine…





Construction of a Luxury camp near Everest continues.  We are sure that the best camp on Everest will be built by the arrival of our team. We have developed a new kind of kitchen. It is equipped better than kitchens in restaurants of Kathmandu.  Kitchen is done in the tents form a semicircle, with hardwood floors.  There are made extractor fan, freezers, storerooms. And now we've built wooden floors in all the public tents.

 Need simply to see! Now in the Base camp from Tibet there is a constant electricity 24 hours, so all this has become possible.