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17 April 2019, 05:27

Greetings from Ecuador! Today at 07.30 am local time we all  together  reached the summit of Chimborazo, 6310m!!!  Hurray!! It was difficult. There is a fairly steep and long ice slope on Chimborazo. We had to go out at 00.00 (and get up at 22.30), because by lunchtime avalanches, rockfalls and very often thunderstorms, wind and blizzard. But we did it! And then we went down first to the upper camp at 5350 m, then to the hut at 4850 m, got on the bus and we are in Quito at 2900 m! Crazy day, the team - well done, thanks to the weather, all well done! We can rest at last. With you were guides Viktor Ershov and Edgar Parra.