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6 May 2019, 08:47. Everest, all programs »

 From April 15 to May 5, the team made three acclimatization rotations: 5800, 6400, 7000 m. All 17 members climbed the Northern Col of Everest and spent a night there in severe weather conditions: wind up to 90 km/h, avalanche-prone slopes, snow up to 0.5 meters. Dozens of other expedition tents were torn by the wind. For the 7 Summits Club 100% tents  were without any loss. All this thanks to the experience of guides Sergey Larin, Artem Rostovtsev and wise intuition of Alex Abramov  - it is his 20th expedition on 8000 m mountains and attempt for  the 10th ascent to the top of Everest.

Tomorrow morning all 17 members going on rest for 3 nights in the village  of Tashijong to a height of 4200m. And May 9 our expedition invites all 160 people from the base camp of Mount Everest  to celebrate Victory Day!!!