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Nikolai Cherny is 82 years old! A graduate of the legendary Moscow "Burevestnik" mountaineering school, a member of the first Soviet expedition "Everest-82", one of the leaders of the Soviet mountaineering and multiple climber in the Himalayas, the senior trainer of the most significant mountaineering expeditions of the new Millennium (the first ascent to the summit of Lhotse Middle in the spring of 2001, the first ascent on Northern face direct on Everest in the spring of 2004, the first ascent on the West face of K2 in the summer of 2007).



Uncle Kolya is a standard of wisdom generally accepted among mountaineers, as well as an example of maintaining physical fitness and interest in life.


Climbe ron the Himalayan eight-thousandth mountains:

- Everest twice as part of the 7 Summits Club expeditions in 2005 from Tibet, and in 2009 from Nepal;

- Kanchenjunga (1989, Deputy head of the expedition);

- Annapurna (1991);

- Shisha Pangma (1992);

- Lhotse Main (1997);

- Cho-Oyu (1999).



By climbing Mount Everest in 2009, Nikolai Cherny set two outstanding achievements: he became the oldest Russian (70 years old) on the highest peak in the World and the oldest guide in the World who managed to do it!


We congratulate Nikolai Dmitrievich, our close friend and senior comrade, the guide of our expeditions, including Everest! We wish You long years of health, new journeys and many happy days!