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18 January 2020, 08:04

Message from Oleg Mezentsev from Sidley Volcano:

Hello from Antarctica! I report: we are in Low Camp, in the morning we plan to climb the summit. Wish us good luck!



The ALE team arrived in the Sidley Volcano area on Monday, January 13th. However, weather conditions did not allow to begin  climbing in the first three days.


ALE Team on Sidley (James Stone's blog post)


 David Roskelley (USA) *

Vaughan de la Harpe (South Africa) *

Andrew Hughes (USA)

Arthur Marsden (South Africa) *

Oleg Mezentsev (Russia) *

Donald O’Connor (South Africa)

Roxanne Vogel (USA)

Rob Williams (South Africa)

Andy Chapman (UK - ALE guide)

Josh Hoeschen (USA - ALE guide)


* - those who, if successful, complete the Seven Volcanoes program.


Andrew Hughes, Roxanne Vogel and Oleg Mezentsev climbed Vinson before flying to Sidley.



Oleg Mezentsev in Punta Arenas