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26 December 2021, 22:32. Vinson, all programs »

Ludmila Korobeshko, a guide of the 7 Summits Club, director of the company, from Punta Arenas (Chile):

Greetings to all from the edge of the world, from Punta Arenas! Our group on Vinson (the 4th in a row in the Antarctic season) almost got together. Two more participants are due to arrive tonight. Yesterday we crossed paths with a group of Vinson-2 (PingVinson), who, due to the delay, flew out of Antarctica only the day before yesterday. We had a friendly dinner at the guide house, which we rented for the season in Punta Arenas. Lena Abramova has prepared a magical dinner for us! This was more than welcome, as all restaurants were closed due to the holidays. We listened to the stories of the members “PingVinson” about the horrors that befell them - low temperatures up to -50, winds and bad weather ... Decided to dress warmly and take more warming drinks.

Today we have already passed the first Antarctic antigen tests - everyone is healthy and cheerful. Tomorrow there will be a check of equipment, additional purchase of the necessary. The day after tomorrow we check in our luggage and hope to fly to Antarctica on December 29.