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28 December 2021, 04:50

Nikita Slotin, guide of the 7 Summits Club from Chile: Greetings to all from Chile from the Black Caps group!  Today we have made the second attempt to climb the highest volcano in the world! But a good forecast wasn't enough and everything didn't go according to plan... We left at 22:00 for the shelter Tejos, spent as much as 4 hours because of the deep snow. Only 2:00 a.m. we went out to storm! Everything went well at first. But we had to interrupt the ascent at an altitude of 6400 meters. At this point, another group caused an avalanche. We realized that the way ahead was dangerous. There are no casualties, the avalanche passed us by! After that, we decided to go down, the mountain did not let us in again, but it taught us a lot! Now we are going to the ocean shore to rest from the snow. The participants are happy to finally return to civilization.