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since 2005
2 January 2021, 04:53

Alex Abramov from Mexico: It's 15: 00 local time. Our team of 6 people again goes to storm Orizaba. The wind is weakening. Our group: Alex Abramov, Julia Yatsuta, Julia Urozhaeva, Ivan Bejanov, Nastya Lazebnikh, Vitaly Sorochenkov. The wind should ease by nightfall. This is our plan. We took  for each member a local guide. A total of 4 local guides and me - Abramov. Plus 6 porters. And we are going to spend a night in camp 4700, then, according to the plan, at 3:30 in the morning, we will start to climb. We must go to Orizaba and descend quickly. The team should already arrive at the airport and fly home at 1 a.m. next day. We have a very ambitious plan!