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30 September 2021, 20:40. South Pole, all programs »

A chance!  One place was vacated in the group following  Sidley Volcano in Antarctica. From January 6. Group Leader: Lyudmila Korobeshko.



We usually complete preparations for Antarctica in the calendar summer. That is, by the beginning of September, all the lists of tourists traveling and flying to Antarctica were always ready. But this year we are just getting out of the covid press.  Will there be a season in Antarctica? There was no affirmative answer to this question for a long time.  And it took longer than usual to form groups.  There was demand, and the demand is deferred. Since last season was completely canceled by the American logistics organizers on the Ice Continent.  Now all issues have been resolved and agreed. There will be a season and we already have groups.  But in other countries, booking is worse than usual. And there are unsold seats in many positions.  We publish a full list of our arrivals.  The availability of seats may be confirmed, maybe not. Guaranteed to have one place from January 6 on Vinson and Sidley.


Antarctica. Climbing Vinson. November 23 - December 8, December 4 - December 19, December 15 - December 30, December 26 - January 10. January 6 - January 21.

Guide Artem Rostovtsev. Cost: $45,900.


Antakrtida. The South Pole. December 4 - December 19, December 15 - December 30, December 31 - January 15. Guide Artem Rostovtsev. Cost: $65,900


Antarctica. Sidley (The Seven Volcanoes program). January 6 - January 21.  Guide: Lyudmila Korobeshko. Cost: $60,990.