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23 October 2021, 04:41

The group's guide Lyudmila Korobeshko: Hello everyone from Ecuador!  From the group "Toropygas and Tortugas". This morning we were standing at the top of Cotopaxi - the highest active volcano in the world!

Even yesterday we could hardly believe it - when we drove up to the national park of otopaxi, a heavy downpour began and, accordingly, snowfall at the top. The bad weather continued until almost midnight. And in the previous days there were heavy snowfalls.

But our group was lucky - after midnight the snow stopped (all because in Quito we were given change with a few pieces of paper for $ 2). And by dawn, even the clouds parted and the stars appeared. There was still some avalanche danger after the snowfall, but our valiant Ecuadorian guides led us through safe paths. So at 7.30 we were standing at the top, tired but happy.

Now we have arrived in the town of Baňos - the gateway to the jungle. We listen to the murmur of waterfalls and relax in the spa. We are thinking what to do next…