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22 December 2021, 10:16. South Pole, all programs »

Vladimir Kotlyar, a guide of the 7 Summits Club, from Antarctica: Aloha to the 7 Summits Club! The expedition to the Vinson Massif is in touch. Guides Artem Rostovtsev, Vladimir Kotlyar and Nirmal Purja. We're finally back on Union Glacier. We sat in the base camp for four days, waiting for the weather. And today we were lucky. I can't say that the flight was absolutely uneventful, we were a little shocked.  But our pilots are real professionals and that's why everything ended fine. Despite the severe turbulence. Artem and Mikhail stayed at the Vinson Massif base camp to continue climbing program. Other participants came to the Union Glacier base. And now the main part of the group is waiting for a flight to Punta Arenas. Well, the part of the group that goes with me to the South Pole, we are waiting for departure to the starting point.  So wish us good luck! I hope we will complete one more of our tasks and reach the South Pole. Everyone, adios!