12 February 2021, 23:02

The 7 Summits Club is finalizing the formation of a team for 2021 Everest Climb. Our President Alexander Abramov  will lead an expedition to the world's highest mountain for the 18th time. Most likely, this is a world record! The main part of the group of climbers has long been known, since last year. We can say that the team will be quite large and diverse. Now there is still an opportunity to join it, as they say, "jump into the last car". Do not delay, as the deadline for issuing permits is running out! It should be noted that this year's expedition will have several distinctive features that make it more attractive for participants.

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Features of the 2021 Everest expedition


**  We will climb from the South, from Nepal. Tibet will not be opened this spring. For those who went from the North, you can repeat, on a different, very different route. This is only the second expedition of the 7 Summits Club along the Southern Route, along the path of the first climbers, the legendary Hillary and Tenzing. And we can't say right now when we'll be back on this side of Mount Everest in the future.


**  Due to the pandemic, it is expected that there will be much fewer people than usual on the Everest trail and on the ascent itself. This is a rare chance on this route to get more natural emotions, not spoiled by the crowds of tourists and queues at difficult places during the ascent.


**  After a one-year break, the entire tourist infrastructure of Nepal will resume its work. All local residents, service workers, hoteliers, high-altitude porters and guides, all will be happy to see us in a special way. They will be more aware of the value of the guests and try even harder.


**  In the base camp and on a significant part of the route, the Everest expedition will work together with the 7 Summits Club expedition on Lhotse. There will be a lot of bright personalities in it, both among the guides and among the members. It will be a large and, we are sure, friendly team together.


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