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8 March 2021, 23:32. Everest, all programs »

Alex Abramov from Elbrus region:  Today, the participants of the school of preparation for climbing Mount Everest, Denali, and Antarctica enthusiastically practiced all the necessary survival techniques on these mountains. These are: climbing on fixed ropes, pulling from crevasses, walking in snowshoes, setting up and protecting tents, cooking food. In the morning, all the girls, except for flowers and sweets, were given a snow shovel by the guides. In the evening, we celebrated the holiday on March 8 with champagne. Tomorrow, according to the plan, there will be an exit with tents on the glaciers of Elbrus for 2 days. We will learn how to set up a bivouac, build snow walls, heat snow and cook food, and even go to the toilet in bags. The day after tomorrow we will continue, we will have ice classes on real crevasses.