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27 April 2021, 20:15. Everest, all programs »

 Artem Rostovtsev, guide of the 7 Summits Club from Nepal:  Last night we planned to go up to Camp 6000 and the next day to Camp 6400. That's just the plan with the rotation exit failed, as late in the evening the Khumbu icefall moved a little. The prepared route was partially destroyed and required repairs from a team of Icefall Doctors.

As a result, we did not go out at night, but already in the light and just with an introductory task. We only looked at the icefall, tried it a little, and then returned to the camp. At night, we go according to yesterday's plan, already knowing a little what awaits us.

 The group "Lhotse 8516" led by Lyudmila Korobeshko also goes up tomorrow. Today they held ice classes, and after lunch they rested and prepared for the upcoming exit.