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2 April 2021, 19:44. Lhotse, all programs »

Yesterday, the 7 Summits Club hosted friends at our traditional party in the Sports Marathon Lecture Hall. The meeting was dedicated to the departure of our large expedition on Mount Everest and Lhotse. The hosts of the evening, the leaders of the company, and they are also the leaders of the expeditions, Alexander Abramov and Lyudmila Korobeshko warmly welcomed the audience. First of all, they told about the expedition and presented the participants of future ascents. Virtually, that is, on the screen, and live of those who were able to attend. The participants, in turn, very briefly shared what they wanted to convey to the public.



During the evening, the performances of famous climbers and participants of the 7 Summits Club expeditions were held in parallel with the communication in an informal atmosphere. The audience was addressed by: Viktor Volodin (with a story about the Russian eight-thousandth Lhotse Middle), Alexey Lonchinsky (about the Tamserku peak, for which he received the "The Golden Ice Axe"), Vladimir Kotlyar (who wandered a lot in the mountains of Nepal), Natalia Smirnova (about an unforgettable trip to Colombia). We should also note the parting words of cosmonaut and mountaineer Mikhail Kornienko. The Hero of Space handed Alexander Abramov the flag of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center for lifting it to the Himalayan peaks.



At the end, a traditional auction was held, which was fun and gave pleasure not only to the lucky winners.

 Thank you to everyone who attended our party! Thank you to those who wished success to our expedition!

In 10 days, the main part of the expedition will go to Nepal for very serious climbs. Follow our news!