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19 August 2021, 22:24. Elbrus, all programs »

Guide of the 7 Summits Club Sergey Onufrienko, from the Elbrus region:

Today, on August 19, according to the weather, we decided to leave at 4 am, as there was a thunderstorm. At 5-00 we came out from the height of 5100, through the snow and fog, in the direction of the summit. Yulia and Artem soon did not want to go further, not seeing the point because of poor visibility. They turned back from the end of “the oblique shelf”, but we must pay tribute, 5300 is also not bad. I will say thank you to our guides Berezin and Semyonov for the often placed hangers!

The head of the family, Alexander, and the eldest son, Vladimir, decided to fight with nature and received a single sunny picture on the saddle as a reward. And, finally, in 10-15 the main peak was reached, however, in a fog, but what can you do! But in fact, due to the warm wind from Abkhazia, a cap was formed over the top. But still, everyone is happy, there will be something to tell at work.