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30 December 2022, 12:43. Kilimanjaro, all programs »

News from Kilimanjaro. The guides of the 7 Summits Club, Evgeny Fedyunin and Sergey Avtomonov, report.  Jambo!  The group "Akuna Matata Rafiki" of the 7 Summits Club on December 28th met the morning on the border of equatorial forests and heather thickets at an altitude of 3000m. Everyone feels great! Through the clouds, we were greeted by the summit of Uhuru Peak 5895m, the highest point of Mount Kibo in the Kilimanjaro massif. The weather today is not particularly pampering, rain and drizzle all the way, moorland is justified (swampy area).  The team coped with all the tasks PERFECTLY!

We visited the caves of the Shira Plateau, where even before 2010 local teams of porters lived during the Kilimanjaro climbing programs! We are waiting for dinner, everyone is happy!