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18 November 2022, 08:22. Giluwe, all programs »

The 7 Summits Club Guide Svetlana Kotlyar from Papua New Guinea:

Greetings to all from Papua New Guinea from the group "SPAPUANATY"!  Yesterday we continued the excursion program and together with our local partner Mr. Pym visited his native village — Paiya Village. Here we spent almost the whole day watching the life of the locals.

A traditional dish "mumu" was prepared especially for us — a pig cooked underground, lined with hot stones and banana leaves, as well as potatoes and sweet potatoes.  It turned out delicious!  There is a large pigsty on the territory of the village. Pigs are literally worth their weight in gold here. Pork is cooked extremely rarely - on big holidays, weddings, Christmas, it is very expensive. But pork can be exchanged for something more useful and necessary for the villagers.

There are also two huge flightless cassowary birds and a marsupial animal couscous. Mr. Pym showed us a small collection of artifacts: carvings, stone gods, shields.  While waiting for the preparation of mumu, the locals showed us a little performance, dressing up in bright costumes, decorating their faces and decorating themselves with colored feathers and shell necklaces. And after that, we joined their dances, which amused the local kids a lot!

Our program has come to an end, and today it's time to say goodbye to the mysterious and exotic Papua New Guinea! See you in March!