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14 January 2022, 05:26. Aconcagua, all programs »

The 7 Summits Club Guide Sergey Avtomonov, from Argentina:

News from Aconcagua. According to the plan, we went up to the entrance to the Aconcagua National Park, issued permits, handed over things. As soon as we got on the trail, a storm began with a wall of rain and hail. For an hour we walked in the rain and when it ended, the sun came out and we began to dry, our team was stopped by a ranger. He said there was a river running along the trail and it wasn't safe to go any further. We had to turn around and go down. So all the groups who tried to go to the Confluencia camp were deployed. Now we have gone down to the village of Penitentes and are spending the night here. Tomorrow morning we plan to move up.