26 January 2022, 06:32

Victor Volodin, guide of the 7 Summits Club, from Argentina: 

 The sun rose unusually early today, and burst into the room with golden rays. Good day to all!  Yesterday was fruitful. All participants woke up in a good mood, exchanged American money for Argentine pesos, passed the test, and it turned out to be negative for everyone, paid and received permits. And this morning, after packing bags for transportation to the Plaza de Mulas and Confluencia, we left in the direction of the Aconcagua National Park. Today, January 25, we left in the morning in the direction of Aconcagua.  By lunchtime we were at the starting point of the walking  part. Then three hours on foot and the Confluencia camp meets us in its arms. Guides Andrey Berezin, Valery Myasoedov and Viktor Volodin.