Providing expeditions
since 2005
26 July 2022, 05:38

By 7 pm, Alex came down to Camp 2 completely tired. It turned out that he took an active part in the descent of the victim. Chileans passing by, also exhausted to the limit, thanked Alex and called him their teacher.
Alex said he was wildly tired and wanted to stay overnight at Camp 2. I began to persuade him to go down to the BC, assuring him that in 2-3 hours we would do it even in the dark. As a result, for an hour and a half in the dark, we went down to Camp 1 and realized that there was no strength to go further and it was dangerous (the lower part breaks through most of all with stones).
In general, we spent the night in Camp 1 and went down to BC early in the morning on July 23. There were also enough adventures on the way - the ropes were half worn out, the station hooks fell out. And a suitcase stone whistled a meter away from Sasha (Sasha immediately remembered the story on Aconcagua with a girl whose leg was torn off by a stone). Fragments of this stone also reached me, but they hit the backpack and not much…
By breakfast we were already in the camp. Warm and cozy. By the evening of that day, George also went down to the base, accompanied by heroic Latin American climbers and several porters whom Akbar sent up.
In the evening, a festive dinner and barbecue were arranged in honor of the climbers and the miraculous rescue. Everything was fine. Only one thing worried - how was Israfil going alone to the top that night? It seems like no one else was going to storm this night...
P.S. - this morning on July 25, Israfil was already in BL - he came down late last night!!!
July 25. Today we went to BC K2 to say goodbye (tomorrow we go down through Gondogora Pass). We congratulated Volodya Kotlyar on the summit of K2, listened to his stories about this difficult ascent. Stones are flying, stones… He was going to Gasherbrum-2 after Chogori, but it didn't seem to work out.... We'll probably go down together tomorrow. We talked to Nims and congratulated him on the successful ascent of his entire team to K2. They not only climbed in, but also shot a movie! We met Dava, the head of SST in our T-shirt (the three of them - three brothers - went to Antarctica with us this year) - it's nice. They also have a large part of the team going to the top of K2. We caught a glimpse of Harila - she was climbing K2 on the same day with Vova. Now she will go to the Broad and Gasherbrums - the Iron lady!
The weather has deteriorated sharply today. Most of the expeditions are being curtailed. Good luck and patience to those who still continue their ascents here!
Well, we ... into the hustle and bustle of cities and traffic....
Until the future mountain!