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8 August 2022, 19:26. Elbrus, all programs »

A Guide of the 7 Summits Club Andrey Berezin reports from the Elbrus region:

News of the Elbrus region from a new group called "The Gift of Fate". The group arrived in the Elbrus region yesterday, and began to acclimatize. Today we walked along a beautiful forest path to the Ai cafe on Cheget Mountain. It rained all night, so the whole forest was wet and damp. At the same time, when the sun came out in the morning, there was no "steam room". After going up to the Ai cafe, we ordered hychins and chebureks, which we had a snack with, acclimatizing along the way. The return journey took place along a technical road, which was laid for the maintenance of the cable car. Tomorrow we are going up to the refuge National Park, where we will continue preparing for the ascent.