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8 September 2022, 04:56. Damavand, all programs »

The guide of the 7 Summits Club Valery Myasoedov reports from Iran:

The final day of the program of the group "Recording in the library" turned out to be eventful. Early breakfast and descent to the Mosque, transfer to the hotel in Tehran, a long-awaited shower and a soft bed. After a short rest, a visit to the Tajrish Bazaar, but we arrived almost on time for the festive dinner and the awarding ceremony. The new restaurant "Narajestan", the choice of our Iranian partners corresponded to the solemnity of the moment. This is a modern and stylish restaurant, with excellent cuisine.  A traditional award ceremony was held here, the participants received diplomas and medals from the 7 Summits Club and also from Iranian partners. There were words of gratitude to the Iranian guides, who once again confirmed their high level. 

The day before, on September 6, the group climbed to the top of Damavand: 8 participants and 3 guides, 2 Iranian and  the 7 Summits Club guide. A good pace, excellent, almost windless weather, allowed us to spend more than an hour at the top. And incredible events were developing at the top! Mikhail Panov, our record holder in bungee jumping, set another achievement, stood for more than 10 minutes with bare feet on nails at the top, hardly anyone had done it before him. The achievement was recorded on video. Then our Iranian guide Mahior came up with two participants, and congratulations to our beloved guide on his birthday began.  We knew about it in advance and prepared well, wrote congratulations on the poster in three languages.  We sang Happy birthday to him in three languages with a guitar, for this Timur specially brought the guitar to the top, gave him an army ushanka, arranged a real holiday for our friend. Timur then performed the best songs of his repertoire, there was no end from those who wanted to listen and take pictures with him.