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31 January 2023, 14:04

Natalia Smirnova: On January 30, we climbed the highest peak of the Philippine Islands - Mount Apo 3140 m. There are a total of 7 climbing routes on Mount Apo. We climbed the Kapatagan trail, which begins in a village with the romantic name Paradise sitio. The beginning and end of trekking to the assault camp pass through the vast lands of local farmers - giant fields with potatoes and cabbage. The main part of the approach to the camp is a winding, rocky path in humid tropical thickets with palm trees, giant ferns, huge trees overgrown with moss and rivers.

The camp from where the ascent starts, which is called Gudi-gudi camp, is located at an altitude of about 2500 m in the jungle.

About 5 a.m. we left the camp to the summit. Unfortunately, due to the fog, we were again unable to admire the famous Philippine mountain sunrises. But that didn't make our ascent any less interesting.

We crossed at dusk a section that locals call Boulders - huge stone boulders. Mount Apo is a dormant volcano, as everyone can see. On the sidelines on the western side, we observed active sulfur fumaroles, the rumble of which can be heard even in the camp.

There is a small lake in the crater of the volcano. There are three peaks in total - Mother peak, Kidapawan and Digos. We have consistently bypassed all three and safely descended to the camp. And since instead of the 8-10 hours of ascent and descent planned by the guides, we managed in 5 hours, on the same day we went down to Paradise sitio and left for the city. Now we are relaxing on the beach, enjoying the ocean.