Providing expeditions
since 2005
10 March 2023, 21:19

Svetlana Kotlyar, Coordinator of the Mountaineering School of the 7 Summits Club in Khibiny:

News of the mountaineering school in Khibiny.  Today, under the leadership of Alexey Lonchinsky and Ratmir Mukhametzyanov, we successfully climbed on the top of Aikuaivenchorr by the route 2B K.T. (route "Fox")!  The participants passed the main part of the wall at the same time, the leader fixed ropes only on the key section. All this happened under the supervision of our instructors, who monitored safety, guided and encouraged somewhere.

They also worked out important skills of independent decision-making on the route: which scheme to move, where to make stations.

Tonight we will analyze the mistakes made, and tomorrow we will hold a training session on the ice.

Super-guides: Alexey Lonchinsky, Ratmir Mukhametzyanov.

Coordinators of the mountainering school: Svetlana Kotlyar, Daria Sivova.