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19 March 2023, 18:15. South Pole, all programs »

Greetings from Alex Abramov and Luda Korobeshko from the USA!

Simultaneously with active preparations for Everest, Makalu and K2, we are also preparing for a large-scale season in Antarctica 2023-2024. This week we met with our partners for Antarctica (ALE). We specially flew to this meeting in Salt Lake City. And we have just incredible news!

 A very large and unusual season in Antarctica is planned. In addition to our standard programs "Ascent to the highest peak of Antarctica Vinson" and expeditions to the South Pole "Last Degree", this time we will have two large groups to the highest volcano in Antarctica — Sidley.

The 7 Summits Club is the first and only company in Russia that started 20 years ago and annually organizes ascents in Antarctica on the Vinson Massif as part of the Seven Summits project and to Sidley as part of the Seven Volcanoes project.

Usually, only 8 people per year are allowed to climb Mount Sidley from all over the world.  But thanks to successful negotiations, we will have two big groups in the 2024 season!

Join us!