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since 2005
4 March 2023, 11:22

Super-guide of the 7 Summits Club Andrey Berezin reports from Mexico:

Buenos Dias from hot Mexico! Today, the Iskorki group began active acclimatization (before that we had excursions and relocations). As a training session, we climbed the volcano La Malinche, 4500 meters high. From the Saltopec Hacienda, we went by car to La Malinche National Park. Some of them walked through the pine forest, up to about 4000 meters. Then the ascent continued to a grassy slope, turning into a rocky one. From the top there was a view of the Popocatepetl and Istaxihuatl volcanoes. After climbing, we descended back to the Saltapek hacienda. Tomorrow we will move to the Base Camp of Orizaba. The guides of the group are Andrey Berezin and Alexander Dorojukov.