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10 May, 04:56

The guide of the 7 Summits Club Anastasia Kuznetsova reports from Morocco:

Well, that's it! No matter how much the string does not curl, it still ends sooner or later.  So our Moroccan adventures are coming to an end. There's a flight tomorrow. But, today everything is still going on and we are in Es Suaire - the city of artists, hippies and people with taste! The power of the Atlantic is felt - stormy and strong wind (laying is useless). This time we are not in a hurry - we breathe, look, remember. Someone meets the sunset at the fort, the strong half experienced the local hamam and Berber massage (well, at least to wash at the same time after the mountains and the desert), did not rush to buy souvenirs and argan oil, tasted all kinds of local fish and seafood.

Argan grows and bears fruit only in Morocco. Only in the area of Es Sueira, thanks to the cold Canary current and a certain microclimate, argan nuts ripen. Tomorrow there is a jog in the plan, seeing off Andrey, who leaves a day later and the airport. Everything has its ending!

Your Anastasia Kuznetsova and the Energy group.