Providing expeditions
since 2005
19 June, 11:02

Our goal is to climb the second highest mountain in the World, the K2 peak (8611 meters), famous for its severity. The climbing expedition consists of 7 climbers, two guides, 12 Nepalese Sherpas and 8 Pakistani high-altitude porters.

The expedition program also includes a trekking trip to the foot of the peak, to the base camp of our expedition (two groups).



 The result of the joint work of RD Studio, the 7 Summits Club and the 8000 Club should be a full-length film that will be watched by millions of viewers. On our side is the experience of filming on Everest of the film "The High Altitude Gene", which had a huge audience of millions. It was repeatedly shown on Channel One - Russian main TV Channel. The documentary will show the most interesting moments of the expedition itself, and the host of the film Valdis Pelsh will tell about the history of the mountain itself, about the dramatic moments of the history of climbing it.


We present the participants of the expedition!



Expedition leaders and guides of the 7 Summits Club and 8000 Club:

Alexander Abramov

Founder and President of the 7 Summits Club. Master of Sports of the USSR in mountaineering, mountaineering instructor, mountain guide, high-altitude cameraman. 12-time summiter of Everest. Three-time summiter to the "Seven Summits", one of the first to complete the "Seven Volcanoes" program. Organizer of numerous expeditions to the main summits of the world.

 Lyudmila Korobeshko

Director of the 7 Summits Club, 3-time Everest climber, the first (and only) woman in the world to have completed the 7 Summits Project twice and thrice. If successful, she will become the first K2 climber in Russia who lives on the territory of our country. And together with Alexander Abramov, they can become the first married couple to successfully complete the ascent to this peak.

 Expedition Doctor:

Andrey Selivanov

A native of Tyumen, skilled in mountaineering and rock climbing. He has been working with us on expeditions as a doctor from time to time since 2005. He has extensive experience in mountaineering expeditions and medical practice in different regions of the world.


RD Studio crew:

Valdis Pelsh – head of the company, author and presenter

Kristina Kozlova - director

High - altitude cameramen:

Luis Lopez

Ivan Vasiliev

Alexander Kubasov


Climbers, members of the expedition:

 Arno Ter Saakovs

If successful, he expects to become the first Armenian at the top of K2. Arno has traveled with the 7 Summits Club many times, including reaching the summit of Mount Everest.

 Daniil Briman

The most famous brewer of the "Seven Summits", elected chairman of the Council of the Union of Russian Brewers. Summiter of Everest and other iconic summits together with the 7 Summits Club. We will wait for the signature author's beer "K2"!

 Valery Tebiev

One of our most active participants in the 7 Summits Club programs. He started with a trip to the North Pole. Climbed of Everest and Manaslu.

 Sergey Bogomolov

Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, "Snow Leopard", who has made more than 60 ascents of the highest category of difficulty in almost all mountain systems of the world. The summiter on 13 of the 14 eight-thousandths of the planet is the first Russian contender for the "Crown of the Himalayas". If successful, he will become the first Russian to reach on all 14 eight-thousand-meters.

 Dmitry Moskalev

Our partner since the very first our Everest expedition in 2003.  President of the Moscow Mountaineering Federation. The second person in Russia who completed the "Seven Summits" program.  Founder and president of the MONT Group of companies (the largest distributor of software from the world's leading manufacturers).

 Ekaterina Safronova and Maria Oglobleva

Twin sisters who have been involved in physical education and sports since childhood (in synchronized swimming). After a passion for parachuting, rock climbing, career and family construction, they turned to high mountains. Elbrus, Lenin Peak, Aconcagua and, finally, the sensationally fast ascent on the eight-thousand-meter Manaslu.