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17 July, 21:13

 The guide of the 7 Summits Club Olga Rumyantseva reports from Tanzania:

 Greetings from Tanzania from the slopes of Kilimanjaro from the Kiliman 23 group!  Today we went up to the Shira Cave camp.  The first night in the tents passed perfect, and at six in the morning everyone woke up and began to get ready to go. The way to the Shira camp is not long, but very steeply climbing up. However, we walked it at a good pace.

On the way, we admired the amazing nature and plants, fried in the sun, took thousands of beautiful photos, drank tea and sang songs. After lunch we went for a walk. See the very cave after which the camp is named. As well as other beautiful landscapes.

When we returned to the camp, we had an introduction ceremony with the team, which everyone remembered. Everyone sang and danced. And this is almost at 4000 meters. So acclimatization is going well.