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20 July, 16:39

The guide of the 7 Summits Club Olga Rumyantseva reports from Tanzania:

Day 5. Karanga Camp 3900 - Kosovo Camp 4900.  So the day has come, to which we have been walking for almost a week.  Today we came to the assault camp, from where we plan to climb at night.  The first part of the march from Karanga to the Barafo camp was quite easy.

Here we drank tea and went on.

However, our people, I don't know who, got everything mixed up and first put our tents in the Barafo camp, from where they mostly start to the top. Of course, we were a little surprised, passing by a familiar camp. While we were drinking tea, our home front workers managed to remove the tents set up, take them to the Kosovo camp and set them up for our arrival. And they also met us at the camp again with songs and dances.

After lunch, we sat in the sun, warmed up (and in February it snowed here every time) and had leisurely conversations before going to rest before climbing, the exit for which was scheduled at midnight.