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since 2005
17 September, 20:49

17.09. Salam from Iran!  Today, the Iskorka group of the 7 Summits Club started in the direction of the Damavand assault camp (4250m). At first there was a drop to 3020 m on local jeeps. Once again, a local legend, Uncle Hassan, led this SUV run. In the camp with the mosque (3020m), we loaded the luggage onto mules and trekking began.  “Pole pole” tactics once again did not disappoint, they walked without choking and without losing their breath.

The climbing season on the mountains is ending, there are only a few tents left from the bivouac camp, the alpine hut is half empty. Our chef Nargiz surprises again with his high-altitude delights!  Now we are resting and preparing for tomorrow's acclimatization day.

Your guides are Evgeny Fedyunin and Alexander Dorojukov.