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14 January, 08:51

Alexander Abramov, President of the 7 Summits Club, reports from the USA:

The wind was blowing so hard outside all night that I thought it was the air conditioner roaring. Today was an interesting day. Kostya Vasenko and I got up at 6:30 a.m. Let's go to Gym. We worked out for an hour before breakfast. At 9 a.m. we went out to the cars. They're all in ice. The doors barely opened.

Go. The track is in ice. They gradually accelerated. Today there was a section of about 500 km between Detroit and Chicago. There were at least 10 cars lying on the roadsides, which had already flown off the highway. Tinsmith's Day. Before reaching Chicago, about 100 kilometers away, such a case occurred.  Either drunk or stoned, an African-American with dreadlocks and a Lancer was driving in the left lane. It looks like it's caught on a snow bank. He started spinning on the road. And smoothly demolish it in the right row. In which our column was traveling. He flew straight into the car where Lesha Safonov and Vasya Shakhnovsky were sitting. Lesha managed to slow down, and the torpedo flew between the first and second cars into a ditch. To be honest, it was sooo dangerous. On an icy road, he could just push the car into a ditch. They didn't have time to film it, of course. But it's imprinted on my brain. Everyone is alive. 

Since we arrived in Chicago early, we decided to take a ride through the center. We saw the third bridge, under which the brothers from the movie Brother 2 met. Actually, it was a fun trip.

We're going to Minneapolis tomorrow. It's already minus 20. And in Yellow Knife, the intermediate finish of our race, it is already minus 35.