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The Transglobal Car Expedition continues despite the fact that one of its leaders, Alexander Abramov, had to leave it for a while due to the lawlessness of the Canadian authorities.

The Canadian town of Yellowknife has long been a landmark for the expedition. After all, it meant the completion of the first stage of the global journey, the "USA – Canada" stage. Here, in the last great stronghold of civilization, the team spent more than 10 days. It was impossible otherwise, it was necessary to thoroughly prepare for the most difficult and problematic part of the entire super route, the "Arctic" stage. In Yellowknife, in particular, they bought a large amount of frozen fish, traditional for polar travel.

The team left Yellowknife on the morning of February 8th. After about 100 kilometers, the trees finally disappeared, the expedition came into the untouched tundra. There are no roads here anymore. They drove a little more and set up camp just in the middle of a snowy desert. This was the beginning of the second stage.

In the following days, the target was the village of Nunavut. The cars got stuck in deep snow several times, and we had to use winches.

There were sunny, beautiful days in the Arctic tundra, and by evening the temperature dropped to -32 °C. All participants are in a good mood – the main team is heading to the meeting place with Yemeli's team. On February 11, the expedition crossed the Arctic Circle. It's very serious.…