Providing expeditions
since 2005
19 February, 23:02

Greetings from Alex Abramov and Sveta Kotlyar from Kenya!

Today we finally moved into the mountains! We got from Nairobi to our first camp for about 5 hours with a stop for lunch, and then walked to the camp for another hour. Monkeys were running across the road, and from afar we saw antelopes in the valley!

Our camp called Bandas is located at an altitude of 2,950 m. There are very comfortable living conditions here: today we are housed in comfortable houses, there are beds, closets, a bathroom and even a stove, which was heated in the evening by our caring local assistants.  There is even a Wi-Fi connection in the large dining room. We had a very tasty fish for dinner.

However, today was not without adventures. When we arrived at the camp, it turned out that my trunk with all the necessary things for climbing was left in Nairobi at the hotel reception. But unsolvable problems, as you know, do not exist, especially for us. We called our partners, and tomorrow they promise to deliver things immediately to the second camp.

Tomorrow we move higher, to 3600. So far, I really like everything — good service, excellent living conditions and delicious food. What else can climbers wish for?