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News from Elbrus: Yesterday, a group made its way through the storm to the top

If asked about the highest and most dramatic mountains of Europe nine out of ten Europeans will answer “the Alps”. Yet, the grandest and by far the highest mountain chain of Europe (seven ... read more »
16 August 2012, 11:37: Yesterday, 15/08/2012, the following members of an international group of 7 Summits Club reached the summit: Geoffrey Ritchie Wood,George Mark Chambers Beattie,Derek John Mahon,Rasmus David Bugge Henriksen,Bent Henriksen. Noel Richmond Hanna was their guide, he ascended the summit of the ... MORE »
# 1. carlos alvarez, 21/08/2012 12:05
I know the weather on Elbrus is crazy, I reached the summit on Sunday 12-8 and the weather was terrible,wind and snow,but beautifull place and nice people. I love Rusia.
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