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11 June 2019, 22:58. Damavand, all programs »


Guide Valery Myasoedov from Iran.

Today, on June 11, “Tehran-19” group climbed Tochal peak with a height of 4000 m within the framework of the acclimatization program for Demavend.


The day before we went up to the shelter along a picturesque path along the Darband river. The rise was simple, three hours do not even have time to enjoy the views.

And the most important view was waiting upstairs, on the terrace of the shelter, from where, from a height of 2800 m, you can see the whole huge 13 million Tehran, playing with all the lights in the dark.


Our guide Mahior never ceases to surprise us with his care. Everything here is worked out to the last detail, not a minute of delay, cook delicious, constantly join the exquisite Iranian cuisine.


In the morning we went to the top of Tochal, on the road talking with many Iranian tourists, for whom climbing Tochal is  an usual walk.  We climbed at a good pace for 4.5 hours, which shows the serious attitude of the group for climbing Demavend.


Our Russian flag was popular. Friendly Iranians lined up to take pictures with our flag.


In the evening we were invited to dinner by our guide. And ended the evening with a brief visit to the mosque.

Thank you Mahior and Negin for a wonderful evening! Tomorrow begins the most important part of the program, we move to the town of Polur near Demavend and begin preparations for the ascent.