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SUMMIT! Alexander Apalko and Andrey Parshin successfully climbed La Malinche Volcano


28/01/2016 21:58

 Our men in Mexico, Alex and Andrey, yesterday 27 January climbed the  mount of La Malinche, 4460 m. This is the climb for acclimatization to the main goal of expedition - Orizaba.

We started climbing at 8 am and at 12 were already at the top. Good weather, but strong winds were accompanied their ascent (sometimes up to 80 kilometers per hour)

 Today, January 28th, our small  group left towards Orizaba Peak.


Fragments of the climb to La Malinche







View on La Malinche



and on the way to Orizaba Orizaba


Pico de Orizaba (Citlaltépeti), at 5700 m (18,707 ft) Mexico's highest mountain, lies on the border with the state of Puebla about 30km/19mi north of Orizaba. It is best climbed from its west ... read more »

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