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since 2005
21 April 2013, 21:31

Today, the day of rest, we had a competition in billiards. This is probably a world record on the height of billiards tournament.


Participants (all members of Everest climb).


Sergei Dudko,
Dmitry Krasnov,
Sasha Apalko,
Sergey Ponomarev,
Vladimir Rychenko,
Vitali Simonovich.

Yaroslav Sabirbaev.

Konstantin Morozov.

Zigmund Berdychovski (failure to appear at the start).

Murad Ashurly (failure to appear at the start)

Head Judge:
Catherine Pozdeyeva.

Main organizer:
Alex Abramov.


First place - victory went to Yaroslav Sabirbaev ofKazakhstan.

Second place - Sergey Ponomarev -Russia.

Third place - Konstantin Morozov -Ukraine.

Small Bronze (4th) Sasha Apalko.


Everybody is happy and participants and spectators.

Tomorrow we will start for great things, spending the first night at 5800m and .... birthday of Vitalik Simonovich!