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since 2005
25 April 2013, 13:23

The team of 7 Summits Club Everest expedition is in full on the Everest Base Camp. We rest after the first acclimatization outing, at 5800 m Today is a puja. This day the priests Lama recognized as favorable for the ceremony. The mood of all is festive.

Tomorrow morning the team of Valery Rozov goes to the Rongbuk Glacier, beneath the north wall ofMount Everest. The second part of the expedition, headed by Sergei Larin goes out the day after tomorrow in the Middle camp. Then the rest will go to the same camp and then to the ABC.

Yesterday we finished celebrating birthday of Vitaly Simonovic. Was arranged posh dinner and cake.







With Ecuadorian Patricio Tisalema, which plans an oxygen-free and high-speed race on Everest