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21 January 2019, 14:32. South Pole, all programs »

Our friends from the  team of  Vasily Yelagin and our friends from the RD Studio led by Valdis Pelsh successfully completed the Antarctic program and returned to the Mainland. Record, unprecedented automobile campaign is successfully completed, we will wait for reports and the main thing – the movie. 



RD Studio: in 1820 the Russian expedition Bellingshausen and Lazarev gave the world the sixth continent. On the eve of the bicentennial of this event, we went to Antarctica to create a documentary about the brightest pages of its history. And at the same time we did something that no one else did: a unique Autonomous auto vehicle run on the ice through the Antarctic Continent! For 38 days we passed 5519 km on all-terrain vehicles "Yemelya" without refueling and replenishment of stocks on the way!