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12 February 2015, 19:54

5 HIGHEST PEAKS 5 CONTINENTS – it is a new book with great pictures about Tuvan mountaineers climbing the highest peaks in Europe, Africa, the two Americas and Australia. The book contains chapters about the Moscow Club "7 Summits", Russian Expedition Everest 2012, about Fedor Konyukhov, Sagarmatha - Everest – Qomolungma about "diamond" anniversary of Mount Everest, on the unprecedented tragedy of Mount Everest in 2014. Also the author describes herein meeting members of the team with Vladimir Shataev, Arthur Testov, Sergey Bogomolov, Sergei Larin and other famous climbers of Russia; meeting with Sergei Samoilov, Sergei Kovalev, Ryszard Pavlovsky, Sherpa Mingma, Andrew Lock, Reinhold Messner. The Author of the book - Maadyr Khovalyg, he is not only the team leader, but also a leading Tuvan writer. And it was written on look like a climber and writer simultaneously . A team member Marianne Kyrgys translated book from Tuvan to Russian ..

We will be waiting for the book in Moscow!