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10 April 2015, 20:24. South Pole, all programs »

We have already written about this wonderful book and noted that the author did exactly what he wanted. Well, the presentation was held in form, which, of course, was also pleasing to him. In the form of a meeting of friends!

Once again pay tribute to the author and his assistants: the book, in the form of the album, is 100% successful. This happen not often.




So, the presentation was held on Saturday 4 April at the Museum of Senkewich...



First of all there were author’s fellows from a trek to the South pole, just friends, also active members of the 7 summits Club: Dmitry Moskalev, Vladimir Lande and Yuri Taidakov. Andrey Belov represented the heroic crew of Il-76 linking the Antarctic base with the mainland.





In addition, Luba and Victor Nikolaevs were here, that all the well-known authorities in the field of mountaineering. And other nice and lovely people. The atmosphere was relaxed and informal, helped by the cozy atmosphere of the Museum and high quality alcohol.



There is no doubt that no one has to regret that visited the presentation. There was much that is so appreciated by the participants of the polar travel - human communication, not in extreme conditions. Everyone heard what they wanted to hear and could get autograph of the author on own copy.

In the spotlight was also the President of the 7 Summits Club Alexander Abramov. He was being very busy with preparation a new Everest expedition, but managed to find the strength to make a short speech. Again, thanks to the alcohol, it proved to be relatively successful.



The 7 Summits Club also represented a world 7 summits record holder Lyudmila Korobeshko (Director of the Company) and professional polar Explorer, our manager Anastasia Kuznetsova.



This is Drambuie – a leading drink of polar explorers, Irina Klimova has taught us that wisdom with humor…



All expedition and presentation photos can be viewed in the large gallery of Jubilee expedition. All 226 pictures, which 46 are from the presentation, and are placed at the end.