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9 May 2014, 10:10. Ararat, all programs »

Hello! I just sent the group at the airport. As you know, we have completed the program . I hope all the participants of the group liked - I have not heard a different opinion. Deep snow on the ascent added complexity. Plus, the low height of the upper camp - the day we climbed 1700m. But we were lucky with the weather. Not that it was perfect weather window, so-so - windows, but very timely. And on the climb, we do not overheat, and on top none of us was blown away .

At the top of the whole team was together, anyone on the way was not lost. Summit: at 01:00 p.m. local time, date 06.05. Due to the snow cover - downhill was fast .

Our team:

Nizhankovsky Roman,

Nyzhankivskaya Olga,

Nizhankovsky Alexander,

Nosov Mikhail,

Khodkin Alexander,

Prozukin Andrew,

Semenenko Maxim.