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since 2005
11 August 2014, 16:54

Irina Klimova and Igor Grishkov successfully completed the program, climbing to the tops of the Greater and Lesser Ararat. It was the first ascent of 7 Summits Club on the top of the Lesser Ararat, previously closed to climbers. According to the climbers: Little Ararat - separate top, and not the object for acclimatization. "... About 12 km across and up to 1600 meters. In addition, there is no path and you must climb vertically, on scree. " Hike on Lesser Ararat took 11 h (7 h up - 4 h down).

"The guides were great (Nuri and Musa). Organization at the highest level, all impeccably and professionally, and it's also very warm and friendly feel at home !!! Musa - an excellent guide and an extraordinary man. Thank you so much for the organization and for the recommendation of the guides - a good guide is the key to a successful climb! "