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since 2005
4 May 2015, 23:28

During the farewell party on May 2th suddenly heavy snow threw, the wind blew but we are in tent an had great drunk and overdance. It was great! And in the morning we saw a snow-covered sunny camp – as a nature has made us a gift for our departure:




The team of the "7 Summits Club", Valdis Pelsh with his videoteam, and the organizers and members of the remaining 13 expeditions from the Tibetan side were in a difficult situation: CTMA (Sino-Tibetan mountaineering association) closed Everest and all the other mountains of Tibet for the whole spring season 2015.

In the past it was in 2008, during the Olympic Games in Beijing - but that was the planned closure; China urgently closes the mountain for the first time. So we are all faced with unexpected insurmountable difficulty. Well, nothing special, we packed up and went home.

According to recent reports, the number of victims of the earthquake in Nepal has exceeded seven thousand men; our Nepalese partners believe that the government underestimates the numbers three times, therefore, it is about twenty thousand dead - an enormous figure. Tremors continue, in these conditions it is possible to say the same words as Alex Abramov: "You want to the mountain or you want stay alive?".