30 June 2015, 22:25

Good afternoon! Ludmila Korobeshko reports from the expedition to McKinley. We are now in Camp Ranger, at 4300 ... Today, June 30th, we have a day of rest. Yesterday we nade a depot, as planned in the assault camp. In fact, the day was quite heavy. We woke up early, but it was very cold at night, probably minus twenty. So we decided to wait for the sun, and only 11 a.m. we left the camp. Gone with fixed ropes and a little more along the ridge to Washburn’s Thumb. We returned happy but tired. So today the rest is very logical. In addition, the snow began at night ... We rest, look at weather forecasts and are already preparing for a summit bid. As soon as the window will appear, we will try to go upstairs to the assault camp, well, then, according the weather - on the ascent. All members feel good. Best regards!