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27 March 2016, 09:55. North Pole, all programs »

The 7 Summits Club this year will send two groups of the North Pole (Last degree). Alexander Abramov will lead  the first group, the second - Anastasia Kuznetsova.

 ATTENTION! Important news. Our explorers have determined the ice floe on which the Barneo camp to be built. That's it, "address": N 89 * 15'353 "E and 87 * 00'417

 IL-76 cargo plane dropped, everything went well. The team started to prepare the runway.





Tractors working well, despite the cold (as well as humans). A lot of work - something has to shoot down and file down that, on the contrary, to fill. Therefore, there is now hot work. They say they will clear the runway  is not earlier than after 3-4 days. On Sergey Panteleev photographs show how  they  have to work...