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6 April 2016, 14:08. North Pole, all programs »

Unfortunately, when everything seemed ready for the beginning of the charter chains from Svalbard to Barneo,  ice shifts came there. And the ice platform, on which runway was built, was spited


Here's how it looked:



Our workers had to find quickly a new ice platform and invent all sorts deals for replacement. They found a new ice platform and now in an emergency order they started for a construction of a new airport. All this caused a delay in the beginning of the expeditions to the North Pole.


 Expeditions, with participants from different countries, all remain in the capital of Spitsbergen, Longyearbyen - waiting for news about the opening of the Barneo ice camp. The 7 Summits Club Team is also fully ready to fly to Svalbard and further flight to the North Pole. But due to flight delays the captain of the 7 Summits Club Alexander Abramov decided to postpone his participation in the expedition to the North Pole for the next year. He has to fly to Kathmandu to prepare for the annual meeting of the participants of the expedition on Everest.