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11 April 2016, 21:43. North Pole, all programs »

  Last night, almost simultaneously with the group, flying in the Himalayas, Anastasia Kuznetsova went on a long journey. In the morning she joined a large group of tourists who had gathered in the capital town of Longyearbyen in Svalbard, in anticipation of the start of flights to Barneo and the North Pole. For a week the vanguard of our polar beats with nature, trying to prepare the runway  for Barneo ice camp. Ice moves, cracks, it is necessary to start from the beginning.



Only in the evening we received from Irina Orlova "... encouraging news!"


Tomorrow morning we are planning first technical flight to Barneo. In case if inspector from Rosavia will approve the runway we'll start flights with passengers






So far, all the plans mixed up ... the first group of 7 Summits Club, flying to the North Pole, the team is waiting to take off from Moscow. According to the plan, they were supposed to fly for 5th of April. Second, a large group of 16 people with a guide Nastya Kuznetsova, on the same plan at 13th of April should be on Borneo and the 14th on the Pole. There is no certainty yet. We look forward to tomorrow.


While it remains to admire the rugged beauty of Spitsbergen (Svalbard - in Norwegian)